Roxie Nafousi: You Don't Have To Be An Alcoholic To Stop Drinking

Tuesday, April 17, 2018
Late last year, I stopped drinking for almost three months, breaking my time on the wagon with my birthday weekend.  Here I am, three-four months later, and I'm ready for a break again.  For the past five years or so, I've annually taken a break from alcohol, and usually nothing but positives come from the experience.  I lose weight, I feel at my best mentally, I am focused, I have more time, I feel happier, and I save a LOT of money.

Today I came across a wonderful blog post "What It's Really Like to Give Up Alcohol at the Age of 27" written by Roxie Nafousi (On Instagram @roxienafousi) written for Byrdie UK that is right in line with how I feel about taking breaks from alcohol.

At the end of last year, I decided I wanted to change my life. I had this feeling that I wasn’t fulfilling my potential and that I wasn’t the best, happiest version of myself. I wanted 2018 to be my year.

I looked back at all the times I’d been my happiest and noticed that one of the main common factors in all those times was that I was living clean, eating well and not drinking alcohol.

I have been increasing the number of motivational wellness Instagrammers and bloggers who inspire me to live a healthier life.  I love wine, cocktails, and a good Pilsner, but I also love a lot of other things in life, and sometimes alcohol gets in the way of me living to my full potential.  When I'm not drinking, I am able to fully engage in self-care and wellness in a consistent, focused way that I am unable to do when I am drinking.

From Roxie's article: 

"You don’t need to be an “alcoholic” to stop drinking. You just have to have a desire to improve your life by removing a toxic substance that you don’t think serves you."

Thank-you, @roxieanfousi for this insightful and honest article!  For the past week, I've tried to stop a few times, but never quite made it for more than two days.  Sometimes, when I stop drinking, my friends ask, "why now?"  Last year, I stopped right before the holidays, a time when drinking typically accelerates for most.  I chose that time because I wanted to see if I could cope with the stress of the holidays and experience them in a deeper, more meaningful way without alcohol.  Now, I'm getting ready to leave on an extended vacation to Australia, so it seems to me that now is not a good time to stop in some ways (hello, VBs!), but it also might be the perfect time.  There are some pretty cool virgin drinks out there, after all.


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