Planting Amelia's Placenta

Tuesday, April 03, 2018
Some of you may remember many years ago when I planted Juniper's placenta in the garden beneath a special wild rose bush at my former house.  Both of my girls were born at home, and in both cases, I chose to save the placenta to plant in the garden to commemorate their birth.  Amelia's placenta, however, I chose to hold on to for many years, as I wanted to plant it at a house I owned, and I've been a renter since my divorce in 2011.  Now that I am happily remarried to Adam and we have bought our first house, it was time.

 Planting her placenta feels almost ceremonial, as we honor the connection between us during pregnancy, the vital organ that nourished, supported, and sustained Amelia's life until birth. 

I have had a native Garry Oak I've grown in a small orange pot for the past five years, originally purchased from Naomi's Organic Farm Supply.  I'm still not sure where I want to plant it in our yard, so I upgraded it to a pot about 10x the size of what it was growing in prior.

Along with the umbilical cord, I placed the placenta along one wall of the root ball.

You can see last year's oak leaves, along with a sedum growing in and around the tree.

I just love the shape of this Oregon white oak, as it reminds me of the one I used to play in all the time as a child in Yamhill County.  It has split into three parts, with one main leader. 

I covered it up, and placed it in a new garden bed next to a western azalea I just picked up this week at Bosky Dell Natives.  I plan to plant a few sword ferns in this bed, along with a few native perennials.

Somewhere beneath the roots of this Oregon white oak lies Amelia's placenta, where it will nourish just as it did for those many months when it was a part of my body. 

The moment Amelia was born (June 30, 2011)
 I know planting a placenta is not for everyone, but for me, it is a very special moment as I honor the gift of Amelia's life, and recognize the mystery and miracle that each birth is.  My children's births were a significant moment in my life, and, for me, planting their placentas has been a powerful way to commemorate their lives.


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