Last Night Together

Thursday, April 19, 2018
Tonight was our last night together as a family before Adam's flight to Australia Saturday.  I work the next two days, and the kids spend weekends with Dad.  So what better way to celebrate than going out to dinner at one of our all-time favorite restaurants? 

We had a lovely evening out, and, as always, the food was delicious.  Alex and Chom Murrell own Stickers Asian Cafe and I've been dining at their restaurant since the early 2000s.  Love this place!

We love Stickers, and even better, we all got to sit outside tonight.  We've had a beautiful spring so far, with lots of sunshine.  A little slice of sunshine will be leaving Portland Saturday afternoon when Adam departs, but we are so happy that he is able to spend some extended time with family and friends in Australia.

The night at PDX Adam missed his flight back to AUS to stay in Portland and marry me.

On October 22, 2015, I took Adam to PDX for the third time.  I felt heartbroken as I didn't know how I could spend another six months apart.  He was in Portland visiting me for the third time after doing the long distance thing for a little over a year.  One of the happiest moments in my life was when he decided that evening at PDX to miss his flight and stay in Portland to marry me.  He gave up his life in Australia for us, and we love him dearly.


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