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Sunday, April 22, 2018
I learned how to turn off autoplay in my HTML code today!  I find it mildly annoying when autoplay is turned on when you visit a site.  The code is slightly different depending on whether you're linking to Google or Vevo, for example, but the changes to the code are simple.  

I discovered Teleman today over on This Is Glamorous.  I love her Playlist posts!

Teleman have always been intrigued by electronics. The band’s standalone EP ‘Funf’ saw them work with a host of guest producers, adding digital abstraction to their florid psych-pop.

New song ‘Submarine Life’ is online now, and it continues the London four-some’s journey down into abstract digital depths.

It’s a curious concoction, matching their ever-so-English pastoral psych to some delirious electronics, swirling and spiralling into The New.

Read the rest of the article at Clash


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