Barbara's Garden

Saturday, April 07, 2018
I wanted to post a short video of the garden I made for Barbara yesterday:

It will be several years before this garden begins to mature, but it will be beautiful one day.  Oregon grape, trillium, garry oak, western azalea, and bear grass, as well as other natives from the forest floor that were planted from a mix near the trillium make up this garden.  A handmade sign "Barbara's Garden" is coming from The Wilson Family--check out their Etsy store!  The garry oak has been upgraded to a pot about 20x larger than the one it was previously planted in, and I am holding off on putting it into the ground, as I don't have the right space for it yet.  We have several power lines in our backyard, as well as six mature evergreens, so until we have the right spot for it, I will leave it potted.

May you rest in peace, Barbara--love you dearly.


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