Bamboo Fencing

Monday, April 02, 2018
I was sitting in the backyard feeling a little annoyed by the unruly backyard of our next-door neighbor, thinking about how one section of the chain-link fence in particular allowed full view into their untamed yard. Normally, I like open fencing between neighbors, but this particular yard hasn't been touched in many years, and is overgrown with blackberry vines and other invasive weeds.

But then I remembered I'd picked up a free section of Gardenpath's 1/2" Outside Peel Bamboo Fencing for free from a neighbor a few years back, so ran to get it.  It looks great!  Adam is going to level it out and bind it to the chain-link fence.  I think it helps beautify this stretch, which I'm hoping to make into a little patio for seating, and minimizes the view into the neighbor's hard.  It also looks natural--I'm thinking of ordering one more to go beside it, as I don't think it is expensive.  What do you think?


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