Backyard Habitat Native Plant Sale

Saturday, April 14, 2018
What a beautiful morning it was for the Backyard Habitat Native Plant Sale 2018 out at Echo Valley Natives in Oregon City!

Amelia at the entrance of Echo Valley Natives

From the website of Echo Valley Natives:

Echo Valley Natives nursery is located in a quiet little valley on the banks of the Abernethy Creek just outside historic, Oregon City, OR and on the site of the old Abernethy Shingle Mill.  Our close proximity to both woodlands and the Abernethy creek allows us the unique opportunity of having naturally occurring demonstration gardens.  In addition, we have added beds and potted plantings around the nursery in various micro-climates to demonstrate how native plants might be used.  This location offers our customers a more realistic look at how and where native plants grow, their growth habits and size, as well as their relationships to birds, fish, and wildlife.

Sam, Juniper, and Amelia beneath the beautiful arch onsite at Echo Valley Natives.

All three kids tagged along, as well as Adam, and I think everyone had a great time.  The girls helped me select several plants.  I actually think I might have come home with twenty!

Backyard Habitat technicians (including our technician, Antonya) were there to help, as were many volunteers.  Everyone was so friendly and helpful, and I got to meet some other native gardeners as I browsed the amazing selection.  

Juniper shows off a lovely trellis, beneath which grows various native plants.

I'd never been to Echo Valley Natives before, and what a beautiful site it is!  I took away many ideas, such as this shade garden with trellis for native vine.

Nurse or snag logs are so important in the native garden landscape.  This one looks beautiful and natural, and the rotting wood gives the native plants surrounding it a rich humus in which to grow.

Western Trillium
Beneath a fern, I found this lovely Western trillium.  If you remember, I recently planted one in Barbara's Garden.

I can't say enough about this sale--it was so well organized, and the sale itself was amazing--what a deal I got on the twenty or so plants I picked up!  The selection was quite extensive, and all the plants were in good health.  It was so hard to decide!

This is me--Karli--with my first of two wagons full of native plants.

This was the first of two wagon loads we picked up--I selected a couple more evergreen huckleberries for only $8/each.  One of my bare root yellow-flowering currants didn't make it from EMSWCD's native plant sale in February, so I picked up another.  I also got many flowering native perennials to fill in beneath the understory of garden beds that I'm currently working on. 

Backyard Habitat participants picking up native plants at the sale.
I can't recommend the Backyard Habitat program enough--there is always room for possibilities in even an established yard with non-native plants.  It's $35 to join (a one-time fee), which doesn't seem enough for all the program does for someone interested in incorporating natives into their landscape.  I've been blown away by the network of resources I've been connected to by enrolling in the program.  It's incredible to see the work so many are doing to support restoration of our native landscapes.  This particular discounted sale was only open to participants of the Backyard Habitat program, whether certified or in-progress (like me).   I can't say enough about this wonderful program!


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