Audubon Native Plant Sale 2018

Saturday, April 21, 2018
Amelia and I woke up this morning while Adam got some extra sleep before 30+ hours of travel time and drove up to the Audubon Society for their annual native plant sale!  I had a short list as I had just picked up three flats of native plants at Echo Valley Natives the previous weekend.

Amelia holding Metro's "Native Plants for Willamette Valley Yards" guide at Audubon's Native Plant Sale.
On my list were white fawn lilies (Erythronium oregonum), Henderson's shooting star (Dodecatheon hendersonii), chocolate lilies (Fritillaria lanceolata), and hairy or pink honeysuckle (Lonicera hispidula).  These will fill in nicely around the larger native shrubs we have been planting beneath our evergreen trees in the backyard.

Portland Audubon Native Plant Sale 2018

It was a lovely little sale, though plants were going quickly, so I'm glad I went the first morning.  Everyone was so helpful, and it was a beautiful morning up there.  The forecast says we're in for some beautiful weather this week, so I hope to be in the garden several days--my happy place!

Adam at PDX Airport at Stanford's Restaurant--we always stop in before one of us passes through security before flights.

This good lookin' Australian man caught a flight home to AUS today to visit family and friends.  He's got a long trip ahead of him before he arrives (30+ hours of travel time), but he is heading off on his journey well-rested.  Bon voyage, Adam!  We love you!


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