Union Wine Company's Underwood Wine in a Can

Wednesday, March 07, 2018
A few summers ago, wine in a can was all the rage. Union Wine Co here in Oregon released their Underwood Wine cans for the first time, I think, in 2013, and two thoughts crossed my mind: "who would ever drink wine from a can?" and "I will never."  I was totally skeptical at first!  It took me until this past summer (2017) to try wine in a can for the first time in a pinch (traveling without a bottle opener).  Gotta say, I'm hooked!  
For the record, I still love uncorking a bottle of wine and drinking from a wine glass just like the next person, but wine in a can is lovely in its own right--easy and soooo good. Love the Underwood cans (haven't tried a one I didn't like), the innovation of Union Wine Co (the beer-ification of wine movement and pinkies down campaign), and pretty much all their wines, can or no can.  And I have to say, I'd much rather drink wine from a can than beer from a can any day!    
P.S. The Australian kangaroo and Buddhist snake approve of this message.


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