St. Patrick's Day, 2018

Saturday, March 17, 2018
For the first time in many, many years, I took St. Patrick's Day off.  No babies, no exams to study for, and enough seniority at work that I was able to easily ask for the weekend off.  We headed to one of my favorite places to listen to live music, McMenamin's Edgefield.  And what better way to kick off the afternoon than with a pair of Irish coffees?

 We had the best time!  It wasn't too crowded, and there was back-to-back live music.  The Irish stepdancers of Yeates Academy of Irish Dance and Molly Malone Irish Dancers were there, and some of my favorite Irish bands, like Cu lan ti.  

We had Amelia with us all day--she loved the music, and Adam got to experience a St. Patrick's Day in Portland.  Not sure who does it better.  One thing's for sure--St. Patrick's Day is SO FUN no matter where you are. 

In the evening, we dropped Amelia off with family and headed downtown where it's REAL wild and crazy to meet friends at Jake's Famous Crawfish for dinner, which was genius, because with reservations, you get into the place, as well as the tents with live music.  These tents had a steep cover with a line around the block.  I will be doing this same thing next year! 

Adam and I at Jake's Famous Crawfish

Adam and I with our friends Stefan and Evalina

Adam's first martini xo

I can't think of a better St. Patrick's Day, and I've experienced quite a few crazy ones!  After dinner with Stefan and Evalina, we headed over to a friend's house where a bunch of people were hanging out doing Irish whiskey shots and sitting around playing Drawful2.  We joined in, where as usual, I came in with minimal points.  Got to bed at 1AM, and luckily was called off work in the morning.  Lucked out on that one.  Hope wherever you celebrated you had a great time, too. 


x o, Karli


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