Shoot the Breeze

Thursday, March 15, 2018
There are times I find myself engaging with a complete stranger about something trivial, and an unexpected connection happens.  A line, or a queue as Adam would call it, seems to be the perfect time for this--you're standing in the check-out line and someone behind or in front of you makes a trivial comment, and then a meaningful connection strikes.  Love these moments!

For many, many years, I have been following Kristin Espinasse of A French Word-A-Day.  She posted about this very topic a few days ago, writing about the French phrase "an invitation to talk to strangers" or "parler de pluie et du beau temps".  Defined as "to talk about the weather, to talk small talk, to shoot the breeze.

It seems these encounters happen for her in grocery store lines, too.  Consider following Kristin's blog--it's a great way to brush up on your French, and her posts are sweet little snippets of her life in Provence.

And don't be shy about shooting the breeze with a stranger!  You never know--you just might find a friend.


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