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Sunday, March 18, 2018
It's amazing to see what can be accomplished when community members activate to fight for a cause--never ceases to inspire me!  On St. Patrick's Day, my oldest, Sam, played with his school marimba band at the Sellwood Community Center rally.  Four Portland community centers, all of which my children have used many times over the years, are on the chopping block AGAIN.  The community centers at risk for closure are the following:  Sellwood, Woodstock, Hillside, and Fulton Park Community Center.  We need MORE community centers, not less of them.  This absolutely cannot happen--we must fight to save our centers!  

What can you do?  Sign the petition to save Portland community centers!  Sign today! 

Show your support by attending one of the budget forums wearing your neon-green #saveourcenterspdx t-shirts--we need large numbers to turn out at these budget forums!  Here are the details:

Community Budget Forum #1 @ David Douglas High School, April 3rd, 6:30-8:30PM.
Community Budget Forum #2 @ Roosevelt High School, April 17th, 6:30-8:30PM

For those community members involved in this effort, I am so thankful for you!  Because of you, those things that add value to our lives are protected--you fight to protect land, historic buildings, community centers, and so much more.  I love community, and I love the people that make up communities.  Never stop fighting, and if you are able to get involved, I highly encourage you to attend one of the budget forums!


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