First Day of Spring!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018
Today was a blissful day on this first day of Spring.  I don't really know how today could have been more perfect.  I picked up Amelia from school, and we spent most of the afternoon together at Portland Nursery. 

First Day of Spring at Portland Nursery

Water features at Portland Nursery
Hellebore patch in my garden thriving here in Milwaukie soil
Amelia at Portland Nursery
My little spring tulip (Portland Nursery)
To top off the lovely spring day, Adam made a delicious manicotti with green beans and a side salad.  It was SO good!  We ate outside on what will one day be a beautiful patio.  We've prepared the site, but haven't decided quite yet how we want to design this space.  The chickens tried to join us at the table for dinner, but they were politely and indiscreetly shooed away.  Best day in a long time! 


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