Finding Inspiration from Jenny Komenda's Design Projects

Tuesday, March 13, 2018
Yesterday's sun has disappeared, and it is in the low 50s today with cloudy skies and lots of Pacific NW rain showers.  The daffodils are bowing their heads in the rain and the backyard birds have taken shelter as I haven't seen a one all morning.  Even the crows are up high in the trees.  I haven't heard one "caw" all morning.

I am home alone this morning, a rare treat for me these days.  Adam accompanied Juniper on a field trip to the Children's Clean Water Festival, and Amelia and Sam are at school.  Tomorrow the kids will participate in school-wide processions to honor the 17 victims of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School during the National School Walkout.  

I wanted to leave you with a link to Little Green Notebook: Adventures in Design by Jenny Komenda and her Gentry Office Reveal.  Most houses have a little one-window small bedroom like this (we have one almost the same size, but with two windows), and I absolutely love what she did with this room.  Her post is inspiring--maybe you will find inspiration for your own home office.  I am now rethinking how we have our office arranged.  I've always wanted my desk directly facing a window, but placing a desk in the center of the room creates depth and is inviting.  Also, since we have two windows in our office, if we were to place a desk towards the center of the room, we would have back-light from one window behind the desk with peripheral vision to the side window.  I also think facing towards the inside of the house would help connect me to the rest of the family when I'm using my office, and would feel more inviting for the family to come in and have a seat.  We have a bookcase in the office full of children's books, so I can imagine that the kids might want to come in and read a book if we had two office chairs like Jenny placed in the Gentry office.  

I follow many design blogs, but few inspire me like Jenny Komenda.  I like her down-to-earth approach and frugality.  She does a wonderful job walking you through her thought process not only on her blog, but through her Instagram Stories

P.S.  Jenny links to a similar Boho bamboo shelf like the one she used from a thrift store in her office, and I have to say I love vintage bamboo pieces for the home.  I actually have this bamboo plant stand, but am considering the bamboo shelf as I love it!  I was so inspired by Jenny's post that I finally brought the bamboo plant stand in from storage and found a new home for it! 


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