Picking Up Our Native Plants from EMSWCD

Saturday, February 17, 2018

I came down with the bad cold/cough that's been plaguing SE Portland the past few weeks, and in an attempt to soothe my spirits, Amelia and I went out to breakfast, as I was cancelled for the extra shift I signed up for today.  It is a rarity for me to have a Saturday off, so we took the opportunity to hit up Limelight for their delicious breakfast menu.  I had a tomato, corn, black-bean, and sausage scramble, while Amelia opted for the giant pancake, of course.

Afterwards, we went to East Multnomah Soil and Water Conversation District (EMSWCD) in NE Portland to pick up the native plants I ordered through their annual native plant sale last month.

With my little helper in tow, we reached the counter and picked up the 15 native plants (maximum you can order), which were neatly packaged in one plastic bag, easy to take on the go.

The one plant not in the bag was kinnikinick.  Doubt I will ever fill a pipe with it, as the Native Americans used to do, but just this morning, I noticed the bright red berries along a hedge covered with kinnikinick at our tax man's office--it makes for a lovely groundcover.  I'm excited!

We are working on currently establishing a rain garden on our property as our lot was regraded when we moved in to facilitate run-off away from our foundation.  We have the perfect trench and are learning about which native plants work best for these conditions.

EMSWCD is a beautiful place--I highly recommend signing up for one of their workshops or even stopping by their office to pick up information about native gardening.  They have a wealth of resources to help get you started!

P.S.  I got the free t-shirt, too.


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