Our One and Only Cat Pepper

Tuesday, February 06, 2018

She was born in a single-wide trailer, then given to the humane society.  I had my eye on a calico kitten, one of her siblings, but by the time we arrived, her sister was too sick to be adopted out, so it was a couple of black and white kittens (one of which was Pepper), and two yellow tabbies, which were her brothers.  She kept reaching out her paw through the cage to us, and the kids loved her.  Still, we left her there, as I was still holding out for the calico, and had not even considered a black and white cat.  During dinner, after some thought, we decided to go back, and one of the Oregon Humane Society employees commented on the intelligence of black-and-white cats, and what wonderful pets they make out of all the cats in the cat kingdom. 

The rest is history!  She will be five years old this April, and was only a 6-week old baby when we adopted her!  Pepper has only ever successfully killed flies, but she likes to watch the birds from indoors, and she is indoors, only.  Once, she tried to chase a squirrel, but it wasn't meant to be.  She only eats the Wellness Chicken and Lobster flavor.  She loves sleeping next to Juniper's stuffed wolf on the top bunk, and pretty much anything of Juniper's, even an uncomfortable old backpack.  Just so long as it's Juniper's, it works as a bed.   We love you, Pepper! 


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