Moth Smoke

Monday, February 12, 2018
I'm a member of a book club, and am hosting this month!  I selected Moth Smoke for February by Mohsin Hamid.  I have been so curious about Hamid's latest book, Exit West, but there are several hundred holds at the library, so it's still too new to select this time around.  Former President Obama has said Exit West was one of his favorite books of 2017.  Having said that, this first book by Hamid is supposed to be excellent!  Published in 2000, the novel won a Betty Trask Award, was a finalist for the PEN/Hemingway Award, and was a NY Times Notable Book of The Year.  It was also adapted into a 2002 Pakistani film, Daira, which you may be interested in watching.  I'm hoping this book will lead to an interesting discussion next Monday night!  It has 3.8/5 stars on Goodreads--are any of you members of the site?  Might be fun to share reviews, or even highlights and notes via Kindle (not sure who uses Kindle, but I love it!).  I'm thinking about suggesting Exit West for another time, so it will be interesting to have read this one as a group.

Follow me on Goodreads, and if you've read this book, or others by this author, let me know what you think of his work!


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