Love, By Wes Anderson

Wednesday, February 28, 2018
One of my favorite comedies EVER is Napoleon Dynamite.  Watching scenes like this one for the first time had me in hysterics:

Today I came across A Complete Analysis of All the Interior Design Featured in "Napoleon Dynamite" by senior editor Nancy Mitchell on Apartment Therapy.  I love films like this one that nail humor, design, and fashion so perfectly.  Reading this article got me to thinking about other directors who blend these elements so beautifully, like Wes Anderson.  I'm pretty much in love with all his films, especially The Grand Budapest Hotel.  Watching clips like this one make me wish I'd studied Anderson's work in that elective film class I once took at Portland State University

And there's always a sweet little love story woven through his films.  The love story between Margot and Richie in The Royal Tenenbaums might be one of my favorites.  But love as illustrated through film by Wes Anderson always seems to capture perfectly the electrical spark. 

But back to Margot and Richie--FAVORITE Wes Anderson love story, and this, is probably my favorite scene after the yellow tent scene:

In Wes Anderson films, love is love, and exists apart from any other laws of society.  And he captures these strange love stories wholly. 

Okay, excuse me while I binge on Wes Anderson films tonight.  x o, Karli


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