Lights Out Portland

Saturday, February 24, 2018
Mary Coolidge, Birdsafe Campaign Coordinator of the Audubon Society of Portland, has helped coordinate a wonderful program called Lights Out Portland.  Did you know that if a Portland streetlight is shining into your house that you can request a shield?  One of the most important things to consider with outdoor lighting besides minimizing or eliminating it altogether is to ensure that outdoor lighting aims down and is well-shielded so there is not a glare.  Lights shining up into the night sky greatly disturbs wildlife migratory pattern, leading to many hazards as they pass over urban areas.

Light types and colors matter.  There is a wonderful website called IDA Outdoor Lighting Basics that illustrates and describes Dark Sky Friendly Lighting well.  Check it out--I learned a lot!  There's also a great 6-minute planetarium video called Losing the Dark that I would highly recommend watching.

In 2016, when the Portland campaign launched, 13 Portland buildings and 2500 households took the Lights Out Pledge!  Consider taking the Lights Out Portland Pledge!  I love the Portland Audubon's BirdSafe campaign, as it is one more way in which we can help support our wildlife and reduce unnecessary pollution in our environment.  Did you know that humans that live in highly light-polluted areas have a higher risk of developing diseases such as breast and prostate cancers?  This is about supporting the health of our wildlife, our community, and our planet.  Take the pledge and mount this lovely sign where others can see it as they pass by! 


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