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Wednesday, February 07, 2018
For awhile now, I've been breaking out randomly into rashes/hives on my legs, usually after a shift, but sometimes while I'm at work, and they are so painful!  I'm not sure what triggers it, and a visit to the dermatoligist only nailed me a giant container of steroid cream and a recommendation to start on Gabapentin for nerve pain.  Not happening!

Last month, I celebrated my 41st birthday, and my friend Sharla gave a couple of these body bars by Kaya.  At first, I thought they were soap bars, but I went to pull them out today, and they are actually body lotion bars.  Several oils make up the product (see pic below), and my skin has not felt this good in probably over a year, despite trying many different creams and singular oil products from various sources.  My dermatologist recommend staying away from the hot baths I take after work shifts and using creams, not lotions, as lotions are water-based and creams are oil-based.  But no matter what I have done, I have still had persistent break-outs and sleepless nights.  Even though these are labeled "body lotion bar", the product is actually oil, not water-based, so think of them as BODY BARS.  Regardless, the bars have made a HUGE difference for me, and my skin has not felt this good in a LONG time.  I can't recommend Kaya's body lotion bars enough--she has a lovely Etsy store if you'd like to try out her skincare and spa products. 


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