He's a Keeper

Tuesday, February 27, 2018
Today Adam said, "Karli, we really should get that fern in the ground that you picked up from the demo site into the ground."  I had plans to work on my unit newsletter, but decided to take 30-minutes to plant the fern with him.  30-minutes turned into an all-morning project, as we decided to put all the bare-root natives I purchased through EMSWCD's annual native plant sale

I had pre-selected the sites where each plant would thrive best based on associates and where they grow best, but I had never actually made a design plan on paper.  After they were in the ground, I realized that I was already forgetting what I had planted where, when Adam handed me this:

There's something about this gesture that meant more to me than what money can buy.  15 Signs You're With a Good Man and Adam meets every one.  x o, Karli


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