Planning a Birthday for My First Teenager

Sunday, January 28, 2018
I've been thinking about ideas for Sam's 13th birthday--many ideas have come and gone, but the one that has stuck has been going on a tour through the Shanghai Tunnels in Portland.  I'm also planning a pizza party at our house with homemade cake with all his friends for his actual birthday. 

Since the weather is supposed to be nice during his birthday weekend, I'm thinking of taking advantage of some one-on-one time with him the day before his birthday and letting him skip school.  I think a morning at the credit union to open up his first savings/checking account (I'll make a special deposit), then a morning hike after we stop at a coffee shop, then an evening underground tour, just the two of us.  Saturday night, it'll be a house full of pre-teen or newly teenage boys hyped up on cake, playing X-box.  Friday, though, it'll just be me and my boy.  x o, Karli

Sam two years ago (almost 11 years old)--now almost 13.


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