January Cure 2018

Sunday, January 07, 2018
@januarycure photo from my Instagram feed

I received two bromeliads this year for my birthday, and I love how they have brightened our upstairs bathroom.  We have yet to paint the interior of our new house; I have been browsing color trends for 2018 (I like what I see!), but even without paint, all it takes is a plant or two to transform your bathroom space.  These two will hopefully thrive near this window with regular exposure to humidity.  They also accent the framed vintage botanical print and the metal bear and deer from Pendleton Woolen Mills nicely.

I am participating this year in January Cure, which helps guide us towards making our homes cleaner, brighter, and inviting.  Print out the 2018 January Cure Calendar and sign up (it's not too late!) here.  January Cure is about connecting with others (check out the January Cure Instagram feed where many are posting photos of their progress), finding inspiration, and creating an environment in our homes that feels clean, fresh, inviting, and inspired.  I love seeing what others are doing with the assignments, and feeling the inspiration that blossoms from the process of making our homes places we love to be.


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