41 Years: My Birthday Celebration at Le Bistro Montage

Saturday, January 06, 2018

I turned 41 today! It's going to be a great year, starting with the best birthday I think I've ever had! We celebrated at one of my favorite restaurants, Le Bistro Montage. Everyone came out, and it was a lovely evening spent with some of my closest friends, and of course, Adam and the kids.

My girls and I at Le Bistro Montage
 One of my favorite parts of the night was the "soul sister" card from my dear friend Tim.  He wrote, "I'm the one on the right".  This guy and I have lived a lot of life together, and he definitely meets criteria to be my soul sister.

Tim and I with the "soul sister" card
The food was beautifully presented, then beautifully packed to go.  Mine fit nicely into the belly of a unicorn.  I ordered the Crawfish Étouffée and it was amazing!  The cocktail below is called "Virgin Suicide", one of my favorites.  I took a brief hiatus from not drinking for my anniversary and birthday weekend, but it's back on the wagon starting Monday! 

And this guy, my sweet husband, was amazing at the dinner.  He managed to preoccupy the kids so I could hang out with my friends at the bar while waiting for our table.  He then ran the kids to their Dad's house for the night when the evening got late.  Here is is, sitting at the table as I was coming back from the restroom, with his quiet, strong presence.  I love him.

And so I kick off another year of this beautiful journey of life, with many twists in the road to come.  I am so fortunate to have so many dear friends by my side, along with my loving husband, Adam, and my three children, who are my world.


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