Garden Design Plans: Download or Create from Scratch?

Tuesday, January 09, 2018
I keep thinking about that darn ditch and how best to beautify it.  I joke with the kids that the ditch will one day be so beautiful that it will be featured in Better Homes and Gardens.  And then I went to Better Homes and Gardens to take a look at their garden design plans you can download for free.  I never know what to think of these.  It seems a lot like color-by-number, which might take away the creative elements that emerge otherwise.  There is usefulness in these design plans, however, as they can be used to teach you the basics of garden design.  Useful tip: skip the biennials and/or annuals they include in their plans if you don't want to replace gaps from plants that last only one or two seasons.  They surely give a pop of color to your garden, but are not the most economical of choices.  There are plenty of perennials in Zone 8b, where we live, that are native, bright, and beautiful--no annuals or biennials needed.  Plus, planting native plants conserve water.

And so the mulling over this drainage ditch continues.  It's going to look so nice when I'm finished!  It will be a work-in-progress throughout 2018, and I will share the progress here on Beetles and Bees.

One of my beautiful hens from the 2012 flock
By the way, have you ever read Drinking With Chickens?  Beautiful blog that includes some of the things I love the most: cocktails, chickens, and gardening.  Her pictures are amazing.  Now, how does she get those chickens to mind their manners so well around those stellar concoctions?

Birthday cocktails at Le Bistro Montage
Hmm, well, that's it!  I plan to establish my own cocktail herb garden one day, and now I have Kate over at DWC for inspiration!  Plus, my husband is one of the best cocktail mixer I know, and often seeks out herbs when he's making something special.  I highly recommend checking out the DWC blog.  Her cranberry + rosehip cognac flip recipe looks heavenly!  You can follow DWC on Instagram here.



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