Building a Terraced Sedum Garden

Thursday, January 18, 2018
My birthday present arrived! My Australian Mom and Dad sent me money for my 41st, so naturally, I ordered a hardy succulent tray from Mountain Crest Gardens.

I absolutely adore this company.  The succulents were beautifully packaged beneath crinkle paper and packing peanuts that can be dissolved in water.  An amazing variety that has been unmatched by any other source, and will keep my sedum gardens diversely populated for decades to come.

Here is a look at a part of our homemade birch retaining wall (thank-you, Dad), which I envisioned would be the future home of a terraced sedum garden.

I got started this morning by filing the cracks with chips from our stump grinding, and backfilled that with a sandy mulch for our sedums, the combination of which will help our sedums to THRIVE.

I just love the paperwhite birch logs next to the pops of green and red.  In a couple of years, this will be a beautiful sedum garden.  This is only the beginning . . . just like the drainage ditch/dry bed, I still have another 20-30 feet (or more) to go before it will be complete.  One step at a time . . . x o , Karli


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