Assessing Our Work the Morning After

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

I'm in love with our dry bed so far!  We have only created a few feet, but by the time it's finished, each foot will have been given much time and thought, leading to a beautiful and unique space.  I even have plans to add a garden bench nearby, and can imagine reading a book in the sun with all my beautiful plants, stones, and ornate garden elements. 

Above you see a bluish Montana rainbow boulder, which Adam and I thought was so beautiful.  These sell for about 20 cents/pound at Smith Rock, Inc I added a few baby sedums around--I love the bright green ones, don't you? They are very delicate, and are one of my favorite sedums. I think they look nicely paired with this particular boulder.

Another element to gardening I love is adding cuttings from my friends' gardens.  This one above came from our dear friend Georgeann, and is called Lamium maculatum (aka Dead Nettle or Spotted Nettle), and is slow-spreading ground cover, and has lovely silvery leaves edged in greenish gray with pinkish flowers in the spring.  Does well in part-sun to shade, and this area gets a bit of shade from a huge overhanging maple in our front yard. 

English lavender paired with sedums, Montana cobble, and an Indian Creek boulder.  Yet another bright spot along the slope.  This is the first time this particular English lavender has been in the soil.  It has lived for many years in a pot, as I was forced to container-garden for many years while renting.

Not sure what surprise awaits us in the spring beneath these sedums.  Another gift from the lovely Georgeann.  The sedums at the base of this perennial are another favorite of mine.  They look like little rosebuds.  I selected this Montana boulder for the flat top, allowing me to add a little pot to this space.  I like to mix pots into my gardening landscape, but they're tricky on slopes unless you can create a shelf--this boulder was perfect.


Another formerly potted English lavender, sisters with the one in the other photo.  They have lived in containers side by side for many years, and now they will get to grow together on this slope, still right next to each other.  I would never separate the lavender sisters!

Salvias and sedums paired with an Indian Creek boulder.  I often add wood to the landscape, as I love wood, and feel it lends yet another natural element to the garden.  With straight edges, it can help define lines, and I often use wood to edge paths for a natural look.

What a lovely morning after experience!  I walked from window to window with coffee in hand to catch different glimpses from the house.  No regrets, and only sheer bliss when I look at what we created yesterday.  Knowing there will be more beautification to come week by week makes me feel even more excited.  I can't wait to get through the weekend of work shifts so I can get back to furthering our dry bed project!  


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