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Monday, December 04, 2017
In nursing, time management is an important skill to have, but in my personal life, it is just as important.  The struggle for me is finding the time to decompress, unwind, and just be--because that is an important part of life balance.  I am getting ready to jump into another three shifts on the unit, and this time of year, balance can be so difficult to find for me.  The part that sets my life off balance is not having the down time, as that is the first thing I tend to cut out to make time for everything else.

It is a busy holiday season for me this year.  Organization is key, along with good time management.  I don't like the feeling of "keeping up", as I would much rather feel a day or two ahead of the game.  So, I'm not going to fall behind, and my strategy this year to accomplish that is to maintain time for self, but stay on task.  So, I'll make a list, then divide that list into days I am available, and go from there.  And I won't forget to include time for self.

I like to include on my list as I tackle my day a few things that have made me happy or brought me a feeling of gratitude.  Last evening, at my book club's annual December potluck, one of the members made these chocolates, a tradition going back to her childhood.  Her family makes 200 pounds of Christmas chocolates for family and friends.  She brought an album to show pictures of the recipes and her family from over the years of chocolate-making.  It was a meaningful tradition to share with all of us, and I was grateful to her for it.

I think it is so important to ensure that the activities that make it to our list of things to do are those things which bring us meaning and a deeper sense of connection to our families and to ourselves.

x o, Karli


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