Things from Australia

Thursday, December 07, 2017
This Australian Rosella (Eastern?) made it over for the holidays--brrr, he's cold!  I heart Australian birds and flora.  To the right of the rosella is a banksia pod.  You can add essential oils like eucalyptus or peppermint for aromatherapy in the home, plus they look super cool.  There is much folklore about the banksia pods.  May Gibbs writes beautifully about Australian bush in her children's books.  I hope to buy some more of her books when we are in Australia next time.  I absolutely love bringing things from Australia back with us when we go: prints, dried flora, books, calendars, coasters, tea towels, etc.  If we ever move to Australia one day, I will look forward to learning all about the plants that we grow indoors here that thrive outdoors there.  For now, I will treasure our finds from our travels, and it helps us to feel more connected to our home away from home in Australia.  Adam, of course, loves it all.  x o , Karli


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