Oh, How We Love Trader Joe's

Friday, December 01, 2017
Many years ago, I wrote a blog post about the chalk artists of Trader Joe's, and over the past decade, not much has changed.  They still put out the Fearless Flyer, the staff still wear Hawaiian shirts, and 800-million bottles later, they still sell the 2-buck chuck.  They are also home of the $5.99 poinsettia.  This video really says it all:

But back to Trader Joe's Fearless Flyer.  It's not just an ordinary weekly ad you'd find anywhere else (usually in your recycling bin).  The Fearless Flyer is a different spin on advertising that reads like a newsletter.  The Holiday Guide 2017 brings to us an important announcement this year:  the Trader Joe's freezer section is now called "Appetizer Central"!  Here you'll find scallops wrapped in bacon, mini-quiches, and the famous Shrimp and Salmon Trio.

Pretzel sign for Trader Joe's by Jazelle Lieske
The real reason I still shop at Trader Joe's, besides everything you see in the youtube clip above, is because I respect the way in which they treat their employees.  Suzanne Raga put together a list of these fine treatments over on Mental Floss if you're interested.

When we're in Australia, we shop at Aldi, owned by the heirs of Theo Albrecht, who left this world a rich man in 2010.  His heirs now own Aldi, as well as our beloved Trader Joe's.  Small world, and as it turns out, a small-hearted family.  Money is like poison for the heart, don't you think?

But my Australian family still loves Aldi, because they're a family who loves a good bargain.

Karli and Adam in Aldi, Dapto, NSW, Australia, 2015
But for this American girl, I've been loving Trader Joe's since 1997, and I don't see myself stopping unless they stop hiding the stuffed black cat.

P.S.  I heart Trader Joe's sugar plum jam made from local plums--yum!  Try it with pizzelles, which I enjoy when Adam makes them with his pizzelle iron (my husband's father is Italian).


Skyfeather Studio said...

What a fun post! Thanks for appreciating Trader Joe's art and artists.

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