Oak's Bottom and the Steam Locomotive

Thursday, December 14, 2017
I heart Oak's Bottom and the steam locomotive that fires up on December mornings, giving rides to those lucky enough to buy tickets in advance!  I took this picture from the bluff, looking down on to the natural beauty that still abides after more than a hundred and fifty years since Portland was founded.  That's a lot of people that have lived and resided in the area.  At any point in time, someone might have made a decision to no longer protect this land.  If you read about the history of Oak's Bottom Wildlife Refuge, you will see that it came close to landing into the hands of developers at times, but the neighborhood has always fought hard to preserve it.  I'm so glad they have--it is a beautiful site, sunrise or sunset, and feels especially like Christmas when the historic train chugs along the Willamette with its billows of steam rising into the morning air.


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