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Saturday, December 02, 2017
I've been a long-time fan of Michael Franti, attended several of his shows at Edgefield, and greatly appreciate his advocacy and activism for peace, human rights, and social justice. 

One day, he posted an engagement video to his twitter feed, and I became an instant fan of Sara Agah as well (plus, she's a fellow RN)!  I tune into Sara's Insta-stories daily, and absolutely love her jewelry design.  For Cyber Monday, she offered buy one get one free on her brass bracelets, and they are AMAZING.  They are light and delicate on the wrist and can easily be worn with both casual or fancy attire.  I love wearing both together--I chose coral and camo green (there are five other colors available).

Today was Decemberville in Sellwood, and what a rainy Decemberville it turned out to be!  We do have sun in the forecast this week, but this weekend quite a lot of rain has fallen and will continue to do so into tomorrow.

Juniper and I made a beeline for Tilde, where we picked up a few Christmas gifts, including a few 2017 ornaments by Roost for our own family to enjoy.

Juniper and I both admired the jewelry made by Totinette, especially her gold charm and enamel triangular necklaces.

All in all, it was a lovely Saturday morning spent with Juniper.  Amelia was busy most of the day with her dress rehearsal for The Children's Nutcracker and a birthday party at Duke's following.  I usually work on weekends, so this was a treat to get to spend a lazy Saturday with my family.  I'm back to work in the morning, so for now, au revoir, my friends.  x o, Karli


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