Sea Holly, Winter Berries, and Brass

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

It's almost December and just over three weeks until Winter is official, so I tracked down my favorite wintery cuttings to assemble arrangements for the house. I've always kind of been in love with Eryngium, also known as sea holly (and by others as thistle) when it's paired with red berries. Hypericum is nice, but I've also used rose hips. These usually hold up for the season (especially if you clean up the stems, removing leaves), as they remain a beautiful red when they are dried--they are a good investment!

Tonight the girls and boys split up for dinner.  The girls and I headed to Backyard Bird Shop after Juniper's violin lesson for a few more supplies for our shepherd's poles, because we are creating a food court for our backyard birds.  We have a lovely assortment of finches, thrushes, and nuthatches in our new backyard, all of which are loving our feeders (look for a post soon about how we put them together).

P.S.  This beauty is on my Christmas list for this year.  I think it will look beautiful in the garden, don't you think?  I'm told the paint will last if a coat of lacquer is brushed over it annually.

Adam made homemade stirfry for he and Sam. The girls and I went out for sushi after doing a little shopping, complete with mochi for dessert.

Remember Simple Decorating for Christmas from a few days ago?  Well, I loved Heart and Hand's centerpiece with the cypress/sage/pine bundles so much that we now have one for our living room.  It looks lovely and festive.

The sea holly and winter berries coupled with candle tapers and greenery already have our new home feeling festive.  Next week, we will put up our first Christmas tree in this space.  Looking forward to creating those memories with Adam and the kids.

P.S.  There is something that feels like winter about brass (even faux brass).  I am thinking of adding an oversized, circular,  brass-framed mirror for the upstairs bathroom, but that will be another post for another day.
x o , Karli


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