All I Need

Thursday, November 23, 2017
I'm not gonna lie, the best winter fruit salad was a big hit at the potluck today on the unit!  It complemented the turkey, mashed potatoes, pies, rolls with homemade honey butter (YUMM-O), and homemade stuffing splendidly and colorfully.

By adding more of the "lagom" philosophy to my life, I felt more centered this holiday, more focused on simple pleasures.  The pumpkin spice latte my husband brought me tonight at the end of a long shift, because he wanted me to feel a part of Thanksgiving on a work day (hence, the pumpkin spice)!  Knowing that he spent over an hour by bus to meet me after spending a full day raking the wet leaves from the yard, because he knew it would make me happy.  The many messages and voicemails my girls left me throughout the day from their Thanksgiving celebrations, even when I didn't ask them to.  Being able to share a laugh with a patient, despite the untimeliness of their acute illness.  The aroma of cinnamon sticks left floating in the hot cider, which lingered throughout the day from the crock pot in which they steeped. 
Today wasn't what I wanted, which would have been to be with Adam and the kids, but it was all I needed.  Today brought me thankfulness and contentment as I stepped away from an agenda I might have believed I had more control over and left myself open to what the day had in store with me.
"Not running from something
I'm running towards the day
Wide awake" --Eddie Vedder, Better Days
Amelia wrote last week in her note to me about my upcoming day, "it might be fun and it might not be".  Days become better when we allow them to be what they will be, and greet them with grace and acceptance.


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