One Day's Work

Tuesday, June 09, 2009
Some days you realize there's a huge list of errands and chores to do and you decide then and there to attempt to get them all done at once instead of drag it out for a week or two or three. Here's what I did today:

1. Washed and removed stems & leaves from 18 cartons of strawberries (picked just yesterday at Kruger's on Sauvie Island!).
2. Dishes, breakfast, coffee.
3. Grocery list and menu planning.
4. Over to SE with kids to get Juni a new pair of shoes (the girl loves shoes and went crazy in the store, throwing tantrum after tantrum over more than one pair I wouldn't let her get--the girl is seriously channels Carrie Bradshaw, no joke).
5. Lunch with kids at Cha! Cha! Cha!
6. Coffee (indulging in treats makes days like today doable).
7. Les Schwab for new tires (over an hour wait!).
8. Target for a waterproof cover for Sam's mattress (the boy isn't night trained) and a few other non-food items.
9. Post office to mail off a bookmooch to the U.K.
10. Home. Stressful hour and a half where kids had melt-downs and everything felt chaotic, especially after getting some test results from some lab work I had done for a life insurance policy that has left me a little unsettled (I know, I know--probably nothing). Lots of whining and sibling rivalry, which shows no sign of letting up anytime soon.
11. Landon home. Head outside to get some serious yard work done.
12. Spend an hour edging--wanted to throw edger across the yard, but I managed to outsmart it somehow. Raked up many fallen twigs from recent storm last Thursday. Pulled more weeds than I want to count. Pruned. Trimmed. Fussed with edger. Mowed lawn with reel mower--takes forever, but hey, I'm not using any gasoline or electricity. Piled yard debris into compost bin and raked the surplus into neat piles.
13. Cleaned up, then ran to Fred Meyer for week's groceries.
14. Put groceries away.
15. Started another load of laundry. Decided to wait until tomorrow to clean living room (see picture #2 from yesterday's post) and fold couch full of laundry.
16. Sat down for the first time, but not a lot left to do for tomorrow other than maintain order and keep chaos to a minimum. After days like today, I try not to think about the night class I'm adding to my already busy life in two weeks. I have to admit, I'm actually feeling mostly happy about going back to school, but there are definitely moments after days like today where I feel a little nervous. Somehow, I know it will all work out in the end.


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