Mess of Books

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I remember thinking I'd never see the day when Sam would stop pulling every book off the shelf, but then that day came and went, and it was some time later that I realized that he didn't do that anymore. But now we have Juniper. She will sit upstairs for an hour by herself and pull each book off the shelf, look at a couple of pictures, then toss it aside.

You'd think since she does this daily that it would be sufficient just to throw them into the bookcase randomly into disorderly piles, but no--she only enjoys pulling them from the shelf if they are organized. See those Magic Tree House boxed sets? If I take the time to put them back into their boxes, it means minutes of entertainment for Juniper. And so I sort these books daily and put them back, only to have them all pulled from the shelves again. Our CD collection works the same way. Oh, the joys of being a toddler.


Betsy said...

LOL! Oh, Karli. So awesome! Liv reads books the same way. She also enjoys stealing a toy the boys might have laid down (just for a second - they're coming right back to it), running as fast as her chubby little legs will carry her and then, just as they're about to catch up to her, she chucks it as far away from her as she can. Little Girls are hilarious!

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