I'll Have the Blueberry Cornmeal Pancakes with Orange Maple Butter, Please!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009
Picture via Bakerella's Flickr feed.
After reading Bakerella's post on these pancakes (orange maple butter on blueberry cornmeal pancakes), I think I'm ready to whip up some of my own. Of course, whip them up if I had a moment to spare these days. So far, Statistics is going well, but between two nights at class and other nights away studying, I can barely keep up with all the domestic chores around here, let alone the extras like baking bread and making tasty pancakes like the ones Bakerella displayed so well (aren't those pictures fabulous?). I'm not too sad that I don't have time to pick up sewing, expand the garden, or paint the kitchen, because it feels really good right now to be back in school. I didn't think I'd go back after I had Juniper; I was pretty overwhelmed that first year trying to figure out the two-kid thing. But now here I am, back in school, and it feels right. I've registered for Microbiology next term, then I'll be applying to nursing school this fall for next fall 2010-11. The fall I hope to start, Sam will be in Kindergarten, and I will look into some sort of daily preschool program for Juniper. So far, she loves the two hours twice a week she spends at a Parent's Time Off class at our local community center. She loves Teacher Katie and Teacher Candace. She works on art projects and proudly holds them up for me when I pick her up--very sweet. I can't deny that my life is busier than ever these days. Having said that, if it slows down at all, I hope to make Bakerella's pancakes--for DINNER!


Kelli said...

I completely understand the business. Since I've been back in school things have been more than busy and hectic, but I really enjoy getting out of the house for school and love working towards a bigger goal! Good luck!

Claudia said...

Love the sound of those pancakes!

Hope you are doing O.K. Karli!

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