Back from Climate Action Plan SW Meeting!

Monday, June 22, 2009
Just got back from the Climate Action Plan meeting in my neighborhood and am excited about what the city of Portland will be doing in the coming years to reduce our carbon impact by 80% by the year 2050. Many of the objectives in the Climate Action Plan aren't actions I think will be contentious--a lot of the proposed changes would bring a better quality of life to residents in Portland. For example, plans include expanding the urban forest canopy to cover 1/3 of Portland, 1300 new community garden plots, shifting residential garbage collection to every other week in lieu of weekly recycling and food waste pick-ups (my idea of a Utopian society), and more sidewalks, bike lanes, and ecoroofs! There is a lot you can do--in fact the city has a green team, which will hopefully lead to more efforts at the grassroots level and be useful in educating neighborhoods and increasing involvement from Portland residents (there are still way too many people who are not recycling the basics!). I'll keep you posted as I learn more--look for a blog post about Portland City Hall's front-lawn organic vegetable garden soon!


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