Weaning Juniper

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Upon waking up this morning, my first thought was this: "Today is the day to wean Juniper." It's something I've been thinking about now for a few weeks, but up until now, it's been easier to continue her nursing routines than to actually stop and see what happens. Usually when I wake up in the morning, Juniper wants to nurse off and on for 30 minutes to an hour. It's more of a routine than anything else, and I decided today that if I distract her with a new kind of attention--reading books, for example--that she might actually be okay with the weaning process. So far today, she's cried a couple of times when I sat down on the couch and immediately stood up and carried her to the windows to look out at the birds when she wanted to nurse. The distractions work, and she even smiled a few times today when I told her what a big girl she is now. I remember when I weaned Sam at sixteen months that I felt a little down for a few days, mostly because I knew his babyhood was really over at that point. Juniper is seventeen months, and the transition feels similar to what it was with Sam. I feel a familiar sadness in letting go of her babyhood, and in addition, her reaction is similar to Sam's--a little crankiness at the change in the routine, but no displays of behavior that indicate she is not ready for weaning. And so ends my years of breastfeeding and caring for babies. I don't plan to have any more, so these years really have come to an end for me. Having said that, I feel oddly content to close this chapter in my life; it's time to move on to the next one.


Anonymous said...

Karli--amazing that you breastfed for 16-17 months with the kids. That is SO GREAT! Good for you, I know it's not easy...but give yourself a pat on the back. That is an accomplishment and you've given them quite a gift! --Stefanie

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