Weaning Juniper: Day Three

Monday, May 25, 2009
How it's going: so far, so good.

Overall, she is doing really well with the transition, but there have been moments when Juniper has tried to nurse and cried in frustration when I gave her a glass of milk instead. Yesterday afternoon, she screamed in anger for about ten minutes when I wouldn't nurse her to sleep for her nap. I just held her until she finally fell asleep. Today, she just laid down beside me and held my hand until she fell asleep without crying at all.

She's still interested in nursing and certainly hasn't forgotten about her nursing routines (mainly mornings and nursing to sleep), but with each passing day, it seems to be getting easier and easier on both of us.

Here's a little video of Juniper repeating words, something she has just started doing this past week, to show what a big girl she is now:

And because she's so dang cute when she's running, here's one more clip:


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh--too cute!!! Evan and Emma insisted I play those both SEVERAL times...especially of the one of her talking. --Stefanie

Claudia said...

I love, love, love the movies of the kids!! Thank-You Karli!

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