Thinking of Friends, Going Back to School, and Weaning Juniper

Tuesday, May 19, 2009
My friend Allie has been on my mind a lot the past few days. So many times I've wanted to e-mail, call, deliver flowers or a card, offer to watch her girls, but there is nothing I can say or do that will take away her pain. I'm so sorry, Allie.

Life has been crazy lately. Between domestic chores, family outings, blogging, keeping chickens, trapping rats, and maintaining, I've decided to go back to school, just to see what it's like and if it feels right. I dropped out of school in early 2007 when I discovered between terms that I was pregnant with Juniper. When I dropped out, I was taking Anatomy & Physiology, a prerequisite for nursing school, which requires about 35-40 hours a week of study time in order to get an A in the class. This time around, instead of diving back into A & P right away, I've decided to start with Statistics, also a prerequisite for nursing, which will be challenging, but won't be as demanding as A & P. So, I'm going to see how it feels--to be back in school--and if it seems like a good fit for me at this time in my life.

Another thing on my mind lately is weaning Juniper. This is not going to be an easy task. I've always firmly believed in child-led weaning, but so far, there hasn't been even one glimmer of hope that an opportunity for weaning is around the corner. If I sit down, she wants to nurse. If I'm cooking in the kitchen, she's pulling on my shirt to nurse. At the computer? She ALWAYS wants to nurse. Since she doesn't have words yet, she yells all day long for my attention, and 90% of the attention she demands is for nursing. The other 10% is for eating other foods. When Sam turned 16 months, I woke up one day and realized that I could just stop nursing. I did, and though he cried the first morning due to the change in his morning routine (he usually always nursed first thing in the morning), he never asked to nurse again after that morning. I had hoped for a similar weaning experience with Juniper, but no such luck. I'm not even sure how I'm going to go about limiting her nursing. I've tried to offer her cow's milk or water when she wants to nurse, but she just gets angry. Any ideas on weaning? If it's to be parent-led weaning and the child is not ready, what's are some positive ways to go about doing this?


The Ferriter Family said...

Both Parker and Emma took to vanilla soy milk as an alternative. I always found that the morning nursing and the nights last nursing were the hardest to give up. I found that by eliminating the days nursing first was easy then went for the harder ones. Neither kids were an easy process. Good luck.

Unknown said...

Oh Karli, I am so so sorry for your friend Allie. I read her most recent blog posts just now and burst into tears myself.

On the subject of nursing:
I weaned Laurel when I was pregnant with Alice. She was already a good communicator with the sign language and some speech... We kept morning and evening nursings... we just started taking out some of the day time ones.. If she would ask to nurse I would say, "not right now, we will later" and then I'd distract her with something else.
I remember our last nursing, it was rough, it hurt really badly and I had to stop it, I just couldnt do it. She cried and cried and said, "MIIIIILLLK" in her tiny little girl voice. It's such a hard process for some people.. it was for us.. at least giving up those last few nursing sessions.. It was easy to get down to two a day or so.. but the last ones were tough.

Andrea said...

Sorry to your friend... how heartbreaking.

Sawyer does the same thing with nursing. He still asks for it all day long, whenever I sit down or am eating at the table. I don't see any end in sight either! He will drink water and occasionally OJ but nothing else. So I guess I don't have much advice for you! I don't have any plans to try and wean him, we'll just see how long this kid will go. :-) Hope she weans easily for you! I can imagine what a hard transition it could be. Hopefully you'll get some great advice!

And congrats on the schooling!

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