Old SW Portland Neighborhood

Thursday, May 21, 2009
Tonight, I had the idea to explore this Portland neighborhood:

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Mid-19th century homes sat on 2-3 acre lots, and the neighborhood had an old and unchanged feel to it.

There were lots of trees . . . some planted in the past decade . . .

while others were here long before the neighborhood.

I came across a flock of peafowl, which was an unexpected treat.

The houses were stunning in architectural design and, from what I observed, have been kept in their original state.

The gardens have been maintained, despite the size of most of the lots in this neighborhood.

Old, charming fences and gates.

And a friendly feline who was so adorable (and I'm not a cat person these days) that I just couldn't help but take her picture.

She seemed to be posing for the camera.

She definitely was posing.

Will you look at this house? Absolutely stunning.

This house was especially charming. Wisteria was growing straight up a fir tree, accenting the house quite nicely.

Interesting combination of the blue house and fir tree/wisteria plant--charming indeed.

Old house under major renovation and restoration. I wonder what it will look like once the project's complete.

You can see how old it is--check out the gables.

I like exploring historic neighborhoods no matter what the city--how about you?


Claudia said...

I loved seeing this neighborhood with you!! Loved the wisteria and the gables.
Have to say, I liked the cat also!!

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