Juniper's Growing Up

Thursday, May 28, 2009

It was hot today, so I took the kids outside so they could play in the little plastic pool to cool off. Imagine my surprise when Juniper came up to me holding her diaper, making sounds of frustration. I asked her if she wanted to try to go inside and go on the toilet and she nodded her head yes. Inside we ran, where I brought up the training potty from the basement. She only sat on it this afternoon for a little while, but tonight, after Landon brought the kids home from swimming, she sat on it before bed and went pee! Who knows how long this will last, but she's about two years earlier on this than Sam was, and I'm pleased to see her striving to use the toilet . . . and at 17 months! She's growing up--and completely weaned now, too! In honor of Juniper's accomplishment, I thought I'd dig up an old favorite video titled "Japanese Potty Training."


Claudia said...

Girls are always (on the average) ahead of boys in most of those things! Yeah!!

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