It's Starting to Feel Like Summer

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It was hot on Saturday, so Landon biked the kids down to Jamison Square while I took the morning off at home. Here's my baby girl in a bike helmet, stopping along the way to look at the horses in their downtown stables for Portland's Mounted Patrol Unit.

From what I hear, she was excited the minute she saw the water at Jamison Square. She had a great time. Here she is, sporting her Target bathing suit and chubby thighs.

Sam was super happy to be back at Jamison Square again. It's been a long Fall, Winter, and early Spring. Sun + water = happy kids.

Look at that sun. It was in the mid-80's on Sunday--the perfect day to cool off in the fountain and tidal pool of Jamison Square. It's the next best thing to going to the beach for a little boy and girl, after all. Thanks for taking such great pictures, Landon.


Claudia said...

Love the pictures of the kids!

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