Goodbye, Spring. Hello, Summer!

Saturday, May 30, 2009
I know we still have about three weeks of Spring before Summer solstice, but I think Summer has officially arrived! Tonight we brought up the window a/c for Sam's room as the upstairs in our old house gets pretty toasty after a string of 80-degree weather like we've had lately.

Today we spent the afternoon in Salem celebrating my brother's 24th birthday on the campus of the school he teaches at and lives with his wife (they are expecting baby #1 in early August!). It was a pleasant afternoon spent beneath a birch tree, where I welcomed the shade it provided--it was hot! The a/c in our car is broken, so you can imagine the car ride down--all four windows rolled down and toasty warm! While stopping at Costco for my brother's birthday cake, we realized anti-freeze was leaking from our car. I think we've officially reached the point where we're tired of dumping money into these old Hondas from our college days--it's time to upgrade to a car more appropriate and useful for a family of four. Tomorrow, I'm going to head down to Wentworth Subaru to test drive a few. Right now, I'm leaning towards an Outback or Forester. We're interested in buying a used one from the dealer or Craigslist. And so this will be my next project--to find us a new family car.

Update on the chicks: I was able to find the two roosters a good home in SW Portland near Forest Park, where they will keep a flock of bantam hens company--a much better solution than dropping them off at Linton Feed, where they would have most likely been picked up and butchered for food. When the roosters went, that left us with one lonely hen, but fortunately, the timing coincided with the nice weather we've been having, so I moved the three chicks from the basement to the outdoor coop, and they've been keeping her company. The next batch of chicks seems to contain at least two pullets, and I'm hoping the third is a pullet as well, because it has really beautiful feathers coming in. So far, the chicks have been a positive experience, especially for the kids, and eventually, we'll have tasty eggs, too.

The beautiful weather looks as though it'll last into next week. Hope you are finding interesting and relaxing ways to spend this preview of summer--it's shaping up to be a warm one!


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