Evening Walk

Sunday, May 17, 2009
Tonight, this song is running through my head:

As I head out for an evening walk . . .

I take my favorite route: up the hill by way of 2nd Avenue, just west of Barbur Blvd.

The majority of homes in this neighborhood were built in the 40's and 50's. Many of these homes have old trees in their front yards. I really like this one.

This house always cheers me up--it's not only a beautiful house, but it has a welcoming shelter and bench for pedestrians.

Let's take a closer look . . .

Yes, a cozy spot indeed.

Bongo drums . . .

A box of books and games . . . even an umbrella.

A little political statement. Hmmm. Smile.

I just love this little old house.

Across the street, what would otherwise appear to be a driveway, is a marked pedestrian path, which connects 3rd and 4th Avenue at the corner of SW Nevada Street.

Ahh. There it is--I see the path now.

A little path between property lines.

To the left of the path was a rather large urban backyard with many vegetable garden plots.

A little country living in the city. Not many lots this size exist in Portland anymore, but those that do are usually found in SW Portland.

The path where it connects to 5th Avenue.

A northerly look at the vegetable gardens along the path.

This same backyard even has a tree-house in an old apple tree.

As I walked, I took in the activities all around me. Some people were eating dinner on their backyard patios while listening to music, one couple was out for a stroll in their garden, one backyard was giving off the delicious aroma of dinner on the grill, and one man in his fifties was busy cutting up branches to put in his Metro compost bin that he'd pruned from a tree.

I've had my eye on this old house, which has been for sale for quite some time. It features a very old tree in its front yard, and is a nice little property on Chestnut Street, just north of Terwilliger Blvd.

Next to the property for sale is this house, a house I really love. It's currently being remodeled. I love the old tree in this front yard, too.

All those windows--this house is fabulous.

With long-forgotten raised beds along the driveway of this house, I wonder if this house has been neglected for some time, only to be recently discovered and restored by new owners.

Speaking of long-forgotten, this entrance seems to have been abandoned by property owners who now use a more convenient path instead.

Oooh, I do love this tree--it has such an interesting shape and quite a lot of character.

To think it's been growing here long before this neighborhood was established.

The blossoms on this tree perfectly match the paint on this house. Coincidence or planned? No way to know.

I've had my eye on this property for awhile. Whoever lives here can no longer afford to or is not physically able to care for this property. It's just waiting for loving hands to restore it to its original beauty.

Good bones--just needs a little sprucing up.

It also needs a new garage door.

And a new paint job.

It's hard not to feel annoyed at a fence like this. Frost wrote about fences in "Mending Wall." This isn't a good fence. A good idea in theory, but digging a trench into the hill to make an attempt at getting it level just doesn't work.

Plus it's one of those faux Home Depot fences. An eyesore. Really, it is.

And then there's the property owners that post the "Beware of Dog" signs on all sides of their property. I never really know what this means. Should I be worried walking by or is this an idle threat to divert robbers? Much unlike the house with the welcoming bench, when I walk by houses like these, I can't help but feel immediately anxious, like a vicious dog will jump out at any moment, ready to knock me down and tear me apart. Isn't this possible based on the warning?

And so I walk on, towards home, with my head full of thoughts, soaking in the night air and the cool breeze, looking forward to what tomorrow might bring.


Claudia said...

I loved taking a walk with you tonight Karli!!! Loved the trees, loved the beanch and all the details, loved the older homes!!!!! I also loved all of the gardens and playhouses, etc.!! Brings back such nostilgic memories!! Mostly of you kids growing up but also of Grandma & Grandpa Simpson's neighborhood.

But maybe sometime I can walk with you in real life!

Maybe Dad and I can buy one of the nice homes and walk with the kids every night!!

Kelli said...

I also really enjoyed your walk. :) The photos were great. They made me feel as though I had the walk I wanted tonight (but never got)!

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