Avoiding the Sales Pitches

Sunday, May 31, 2009
I had a good experience, albeit an entertaining one, down at Wentworth Subaru this morning. It's like the cartoon of a sales meeting with the caption, "Now remember. You can fool some people all the time. Those are the people you need to concentrate on." Well, this girl wasn't fooled! Test drove a Forester and Outback, all while finding amusement at the sales pitches. First of all, I was told that the new 2009's would be the same price as the used 2008's because of a sale they were running that ended tomorrow--I would need to buy today in order to get the deal. Then I was told that if I bought a car, the price would be negotiable, but only today, because they still had 7 cars to sell to meet their quota for the month. Seeing as it was the last day in May, these things might be true, but there was no need to panic--there are many last days of the month. May 31st isn't the only day I'll ever be able to get this kind of deal. Then the salesman wanted me to pick out what color I liked. I had to remind him that I wasn't ready to pick out a car--I was there to determine whether or not we wanted to buy a Forester or an Outback. Then there were the pictures of his kids he wanted to show me--is this supposed to elicit an emotional response from the customer so they relate more to their car salesman, and therefore feel more inclined to buy a new car? Weird. Then there were the comments that a brand new Subaru would really only be $40.00 to $50.00 more a month in a car payment than one of their used cars. It's true. Interest rates have dropped to the point where you can finance a vehicle for five years at 2%. Pretty tempting, but still a sales pitch. It's amusing to me that these pitches work. I mean, they must or they wouldn't still use them, right? He wanted me to pick out what color of interior I wanted for the test drives. Funny--another way to get me to fixate and feel a sense of ownership on something I'm not ready to buy yet. In the end, I left feeling fairly certain that I like the Outback better than the Forester, and glad I didn't give into any of the pitches. I didn't leave without them getting a copy of my driver's license and my cell phone # (supposedly necessary in order to test drive their vehicles), so I'm sure I'll be receiving calls in the next day or so to find out when I'll be back. It's easy to start getting excited and let the pitches prey on that excitement to the point where you make a compulsive purchase. We're in no hurry, and I knew that going in, so it was fun to test drive them, figure out which one I liked better, and now we can give ourselves a few weeks (or more) to determine if this is a purchase we want or need to make at this time. It's something we could put off until the engine on my Honda blows, but really, I don't want it to come to that. Hoping Landon can get down to the dealership to test drive a couple himself so we can make a decision on whether or not to get a new car in the near future.


Kelli said...

This is funny to read, because we just bought a new Prius the other day and went through the same runaround. :) Car salesman are hilarious, and I think the hilarity has been magnified by the economy! I almost felt badly for the poor man that helped us, he seemed so darn desperate!

Also, btw, my mom has been driving Outbacks for several years now and loves them.

Claudia said...

You are so funny Karli!! We went through the same thing when Dad and I were looking at the Smart Cars!!

I don't listen to any of that stuff anymore....if I want it I'll get it and if not tomorrow will always be there!

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