3 New Chicks

Friday, May 01, 2009

Bantam chicks cannot be sexed, so we originally started off with four chicks in the hopes of getting 2-3 hens. Chances are usually 50/50 either way, and true to that statistic, we ended up with two hens and two roosters. Sadly, one of the two hens was lost to a predator, and the two roosters will be given away. Since hens need company, I went back to Pistils this week to pick up three more chicks. The woman who sold me the chicks wrote down the names and descriptions of the breeds we chose, and I was delighted by the rare varieties of bantam chicks they had in the store.

Meet our little top knot, a Pyncheon bantam.

And our Grey Japanese bantam--with short legs, a stocky body, and larger combs and wattles, she will need a little extra care to prevent her from getting frostbite. They are an ornamental bantam originating in Japan more than 350 years ago. Here is what an adult hen should look like.

Lastly, here is our little Blue Rosecomb bantam, who in six to eight weeks time should be starting to look a lot like these photos.

Aren't they cute?


Claudia said...

So cute!! I bet the kids just love them!!! How special that they can have the opportunity to be raised around them!

Andrea said...

Very sweet! Wouldn't it be funny if they all turned out to be hens. :-)

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