Wy'east Tests Eggs for Lead!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A pretty, blue, Easter egg--but does it contain lead? If you have backyard hens and would like to find out if their eggs contain lead (this is especially important if you let your hens free range), Wy'East Environmental Sciences will test eggs for $30/egg. Contact them to take advantage of this service:

Wy'east Environmental Sciences
2415 SE 11th Ave.
Portland, OR 97214
(503) 231-9320

I'm still sorting through the lead contamination issue and trying to determine how we can afford to pay for lead testing (I was quoted $350.00 today by Net Compliance in Vancouver, WA just for our soil, and $800-$850 for the interior as well), let alone abatement or remediation costs. This isn't to say we won't pursue lead testing, because we will, but it does mean that I have more research to do on all the available options for testing/abatement/remediation that are out there. I promise to share the steps I take here, and hopefully by the time I'm finished, what I've learned will be helpful to someone else out there who, like me, values sustainable living practices, but hasn't maybe thought about hazardous issues like lead in garden soil before embarking upon them. There will be much more on this issue in the days and weeks to come.


Andrea said...

Wow Karli... amazing information! I think I'll definitely take a couple eggs in for testing. Thanks for all the hard work you put in your blog post. The information is invaluable!

Beetles and Bees said...

Hey Andrea,
I'm thinking with the age of your house it won't be an issue, but after talking to the guys at Net Compliance today, I realize there are many more things lead can come from than just paint. You really never know what was done on your property in years past, and it's always a possibility. Since your hens have up until recently been free-range, it could be a good indicator to see if you should do further testing on your lot. Most likely, the egg won't show traces of lead at all.

BTW, check back tomorrow, May 1st, for pictures of our newest chicks. They are sooo cute--one has a top knot! --Karli

Andrea said...

I know, it would be nice to know what all has happened on our properties in the past. Our house was originally built in 1932 but there was a fire in the early 90's and that was when it was remodeled. The front portions of the house (main floor) are all original. Makes me wonder what the tear down was like and how much of that old paint seeped into the ground.

molly said...

I was just googling how to get our eggs tested and found your awesome blog. We've had high BLL in our two little boys since last fall. We did A LOT of testing and A LOT of work to source and abate. Most of the testing was done free though, through Dept of Health and Family Services in Wisconsin. Do you not have something similar? I'm happy to share what I've learned if you want to send me an email.

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