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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Today, while waiting to cross the Ross Island Bridge, the passenger in the car in front of me leaned out and threw THIS garbage out onto the street. I immediately laid on the horn, got out of my car, and picked it up. I'm not sure if my actions will make much of a difference to them, but my hope is they'll at least think a little harder before littering next time. What is WRONG with people?

This afternoon was sunny and bright, so I thought, what better way to spend it than at Portland Nursery? I could easily spend several hours at this nursery. They have every plant a gardener could ever want (and more).

You can imagine my delight this afternoon when I discovered this elderberry tree. I've been looking for this particular variety, a Sambucus nigra, since 2006, with no luck. I left this treasured elderberry behind when we sold our first house and bought this one. The past few years I've picked up two other varieties while out searching for this one, but they haven't been quite the same. I am very excited to have finally found this Sambucus nigra, which I think will grow into a beautiful tree (note: these have to be shaped as they are quite hardy and will appear to be more of a shrub unless pruned heavily).

Sam loves nurseries almost as much as I do.

While Juniper blends right in with the other plants on the shelf.

Tonight I put up the trellis for the peas, which have all sprouted nicely, planted the elderberry tree, assembled our new reel mower, which replaced our gas-powered mower and works perfectly, and spread some compost around the garden. Yesterday, I weeded and pruned our whole lot, and things are really starting to look pretty nice out there. Next week, I hope to put up the bean tepee, plant two tomato plants, and collect soil samples for lead testing. I'm hoping the results aren't too frightening since we now have the chickens and a growing vegetable garden. In this case, what you don't know CAN hurt you, so it's important we do the test so we know what we're up against.


cara said...

Oh Karli - I know exactly how you felt when you saw the guy chuck his garbage out the window. It happens here often and I am flabbergasted every time. A couple of days ago, in the parking lot of our apartment complex, an employee of the landlords, goes to his car, takes a new pack of cigarettes out of a bag, opens it and then throws the wrapping on the ground! He was a holding a bag he could have put it in! He was at work and could have gone inside and threw it away! He could have just chucked it into his car!
I didn't know what to do as I was kind of spying on him from our second floor terrace. There's also a language thing - I don't really know how to tell someone off in French. The sad thing is I just don't think he cares and he wouldn't have cared had I said something.
Sorry for the rant - it just pisses me off!

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